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Organisation's Profile

Organization for Human Investment and Development (OHIDE) is a non-governmentazzl organization, registered under Non Governmental organization Act number 24 of 2002 with a Certificate of Registration number 0009326. The organization is established by Tanzanians  who have been participating in the implementation of deferent projects like Information and communication, community HIV/AIDS response, Child and women advocacy and protection, equal access to justice, peace and harmony building, environment protection, Agribusiness, inter cooperation, good neighbor hood between Tanzania citizens and refugees to mention few.

Vision statement

A stable and just community that is free from poverty, well educated within a conducive environment

Mission statement

To advocate for community self initiatives in alleviation of poverty, respect the principles of human rights, environmental protection and education improvement through training and collaboration with Government and other stakeholders.

  1. To support establishment of youth, women economic groups;
  2. To promote improvement of health and education services;
  3. To promote involvement of community in development activities;
  4. To establish a community Radio which will serve as bridge between local community, policy makers and ruling cluster
  5. Advocate for a fight against early pregnancies to girls;
  6. Advocate for human rights protection particularly to disabled, Refugees, widows and orphans;
  7. To support environmental protection;
  8. To promote for eradication of gender discrimination within the society.