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OHIDE to establish Community Radio in Kasulu Disctrict for refugees and host community


Group photo of Umoja Radio journalists and OHIDE directors in Nyarugusu camp

Organization for Human Investment and Development (OHIDE) was established in 2015 and legally registered on 31st July, 2017 under the Non- governmental Organization Act, with registration number 000NGO/0009326.
The organization is specifically focus on human rights, education, health and environment. Its beneficiaries come from different groups within the community. To mention few they include women, youth, refugees, girls, disabled, orphans and widows.

The organization holds a reputation as a creative entity with a mixture of professionals to assist the community. OHIDE is a membership based organization. It has founder members, ordinary members and honorary members.


Since its inception OHIDE have been dreaming to establish a community Radio in Kasulu District, to realize its dream we managed to register the trade name at BRELA as a step towards realizing its dream. That is why when approached by RTTS/Umoja Radio for partnership of the re-establishment of the radio OHIDE did not hesitate to come in. to show its willingness and redness OHIDE managed to follow the refugee act which requires permit to visit the camp by obtaining the permit from the Ministry of Home Affairs headquarter.

Radio vision
Developed community through positive information sharing
Radio mission
• To Invite and collaborate with skilled volunteers and talented journalists and presenters
• To use modern methods and Digital equipments for quality radio programs
• To produce developmental researched and balanced news and programs

Picture: Group photo of OHIDE Chairperson Mr. Prosper Kwigize has handled the handbag and executive secretary of OHIDE Madam Silesi Malli together with the founders of the RTTS/Umoja Radio after signing a Memorandum.
September 3, 2018 the process starts the visit of the UNHCR Kasulu field office, where we meet with Mr. George Tibaijuka the Program Officer for social service department devoted to use the Radio for community sensitization and awareness in different programs within refugee Camp and in the host community. At the UNHCR visit we submitted copy of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between OHIDE and RTTS/Umoja Radio, camp visit permit from Ministry of Home Affairs.
During the meeting discussion UNHCR promised to provide support in terms of some funds for registration process together with commitment and recommendation letter as required by Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority. The UNHCR Kasulu also provided transport to OHIDE for the Nyarugusu refugee camp visit.

Meeting with Nyarugusu Camp Commandant (MHA)

Introduction meeting in Ministry of Home Affairs office in Nyarugusu Refugee Camp

Arriving at the camp, we went straight to the Ministry of Home Affairs office in the Nyarugusu Refugee Camp whereby met the Camp Commandant Mr. Francis Chokola, after introduction we handled in visit permit, MOU, Organization constitution, Organization profile, and Organization registration certificate.

Head of Nyarugusu Campus Francis Chokola handing with OHIDE chairman Prosper Kwigize after extensive discussions on how to establish a radio communication service for refugees and Tanzanians in Kasulu District in Kigoma Region.
During the discussion OHIDE promised to closer cooperation with the Government and other UN agencies serving the refugees in Kigoma region for the purpose of fostering information sharing among Government, UN agencies, refugees and host community. So in this matter radio communication is proper means of positive communication.
On behalf of the Government Mr. Chokola appreciated the initiatives of reviving the closed Umoja Radio by adhering to the laws and communication regulations of the united republic of Tanzania. he concurred with OHIDE on the importance of the Radio as best platform of information sharing within and outside the refugee camp. Either MHA in Nyarugusu/Kasulu is ready to provide recommendation letter as per TCRA requirement for registration of the certain community Radio.
After handing in the OHIDE legal documents followed the exchange of signed MOU in front of the Camp commandant and UNHCR community service Officer.

OHIDE Chairman Prosper Kwigize and RTTS-Union Radio Spokesman Jonathan Wilondja exhibiting a consensus document before the head of Nyarugusu Mr. Francis Chokola inside offices of the Ministry of Home Affairs at Nyarugusu Refugee Camp

A joint picture to witness the agreement between the RTTS-Umoja Radio and OHIDE agreement before the UN and UNHCR officials

Visit to Umoja radio premises

The visit aimed at inspecting the available equipment, staff and officially introducing the process of re-establishment of the radio.
Mr. Jonathan Wilondja the then Radio Manager of Umoja Radio gave introduction where he said that the radio was on air for 18 hours from 6am to 12 pm, they have 46 radio programs, which were aired in Swahili, Rundi and Lingara languages. Also they have been using the Radio as training centre for journalism and computer studies with low quality equipments, unqualified trainers, and un-conducive learning environment and without adhering to the training institute requirement. Despite all these discrepancies some of their graduates have managed to be accepted and employed in Burundi. Also stated that TCRA visited the radio and ordered immediate closure the radio for none adhering to the law and regulations governing Radio Broadcasting service. He continues saying that at the beginning they were approached by DRS for an aim of re-establishing the radio, but after failure to honor the signed agreement, UMOJA wrote the termination letter, and then approached OHIDE through its Chairperson Mr. Prosper Kwigize who is also the Chairperson of the Community Content Based Media network of Tanzania under Tanzania Development Information Organization (TADIO), to take over. After negotiations OHIDE accepted to assist the process. He also read all expectations on its party and started clearly that MHA, NRC and UNHCR is ready to support the process of the re-establishment process provided that Umoja confirmed OHIDE to be its collaborating partner.
OHIDE Chairperson went through TCRA regulations pertaining to registration, before the team. His explanation covered all areas from registration requirement, equipment, and price and in his concluding remarks he requested all parties to take serious the matter so that it took little time to be finalized taking into consideration the need of the radio. OHIDE in general assured to adhere to all regulations and rules in re-establishing, registering and managing the Radio that will now be known as Kasulu Community Radio instead of Umoja Radio. This is because a name Umoja Radio is already used by another organization and cannot be used twice. Either we all agree that by using name KASULU FM we will cater for both Refugees and Kasulu district as a refugee hosting community.
Visit to Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) office
The journey ended at NRC office, where we met Assistant Camp Manager, Miss Martha Nkinda. This is an agency which leads the Nyarugusu Camp management.
After introduction she informed the team that the boss in on leave until next week, hence she advises to have the meeting next week.
OHIDE handled over to her the copy of signed MOU and concept note for request of registration funds. Also she was given OHIDE t-shirt, later the gathering have the group picture.

The Norwegian Refugee Council Nyarugusu refugee operation coordinator Madam Martha Nkinda (third from light) being in a group picture with OHIDE leaders and the director of UMOJA radio at NRC offices Nyarugusu.
Visit to the Nyarugusu Police Post
Due to the importance of cooperation between the police and us, OHIDE had a short visit to the Police post whereby we met with police officers on duty and introduce ourselves and our mission in the camp.
Visit to the Nyarugusu community leader’s office
Due to the recognition of official systems for refugee camps, OHIDE has also had the opportunity to visit the office of camp chairman Madam Tabu Angelique who is not only pleased to receive us along with the intention of introducing Radio process has admitted that her office has been facing various communication challenges and that there has been a difficulty in delivering information to refugees and even to their neighboring Tanzanians living in neighboring villages.

Mrs. Tabu promised to provide a partnership that will enable the radio re-establishment process to succeed and build a center that will help to reduce the conflicts within the camp as well as to strengthen good relations between refugees and Tanzanians.

OHIDE’s executive secretary. Silesi Malli giving thanks to the chairperson of the camp Mrs. Tabu Abilola.

It is clear that this initiative of having radio has come at the right time. It is revealed that the radio is an urgent need for information sharing within and without the camp. MHA and UNHCR are ready to give recommendation letters and give any assistance so far needed.
We thank MHA, UNHCR, NRC and Umoja Radio team for their hospitality during our visit.

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