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Entrepreneurship Projects

Entrepreneurship projects

By recognizing that the economy is the center of development and that so far many households in Kigoma live in poverty,OHIDE in collaboration with other stakeholders, particularly the parental community in the Kasulu District, conducted several economic mobilization Meetings in the Heru Juu, Kitagata, Kasulu urban and Nyachenda Wards.

During the meetings it was discovered that many people are aware of their poverty and have information about savings and loans Funds from Local Government and Private sectors, yet they do not know how to access them or to create entrepreneurships groups and to invest and exchange money for capital.

An initial study through the negotiations revealed that the WAHA like in many Bantu tribes, they have the custom of joining and working together to get rid of the poverty. These former residents of Kigoma Region were forming youth groups, women’s groups and Family leaders groups whose major role was to support each other in agricultural activities, weddings and disasters.

However, this culture has been everyday declining and lost due to changes in living systems including financial dependence on labor force. As a result, the group’s system has focused on the exchange of money and the exchange of funds instead of supporting the agricultural trough working groups.

Following the findings of earlier research, OHIDE has noted that there is a need for citizens’ especially in rural areas to be trained on how to establish entrepreneurships with investment and borrowing systems, this customs will help them to use their financial capacity in capital exchange rather than waiting funds from Government.


Since 2015 OHIDE has experienced in community engagement in implementation of social interest projects in Kigoma and lake zone. The following activities is key success among the implemented projects

Training to women engaged in VICOBA in Makere Division

OHIDE managed to organize training to 70 women in Kitagata Village in Kasulu District. After the training the women managed to establish two micro credit groups and they have their bank account with capital of 10 million

Training to youth engaged in motor cycle and Tax driving in Kasulu

Through OHIDE volunteers, 40 youth engaged in motor cycling and Tax Driving were given the entrepreneurship training and road safety skills. The training resulted to Tax drivers attended the workshop to establish their limited company called Chamamika Transpoters and Enterprises Limited, the company is alreadly registerd by the Registrer of Companies in the united republic of Tanzania  under  the companies act of 2002. The program was carried out in collaboration with Police trafic derpartment and district Cooperative officer.


Training to men on women economic empowering


OHIDE managed to conduct workshop with 33 men in Kitagata village on responsibility of empowering women to access economy oportunities. The skills given to them were intended to give them a knowledge on how women are important in family economy growth. After the workshop 20 men of them deacided to form a microcredit group named Parents SACCOS. The group has now grown up and acomodated 36 members who is contributing to the bascket fund by 3000 TZS each per week.


Youth Economic empowerment compaign vs politics dialema


Politics is one of the most effective systems that can visualize opportunities and stimulate youth independence from recognizing their position and their power in the community. However politics in the Kigoma region have not contributed significantly to the opportunity to allocate more opportunities rather to divide youth into a political fanatical process.

Many politicians are being accused ofusing  young people as an easy way to empower them, many politicians use young people to help campaign during the election and to pay them a little reward while giving a lot of promises to win the winners, but what happens after defeat their contestants no one returns to the youth and gives them or teaches them how to get rid of the economy dependancy.

As a result, many young people live in hopelessness and later lose their desire to live in the opposition of all political parties in general, while others are able to cope with crime and drug abuse or overdrinking.

Recognizing that it is a problem OHIDE has begun a special campaign to open the youth with the theme:-

“Stop waiting; collaborate with your friends using existing positive opportunities”

Through the campaign OHIDE leaders visit young people in their groups and point out the arguments to stop waiting and encourage them to cooperate and identify them by means of forming groups.

These meetings have been productive since the other Kasulu Youth League has been formed and named Kasulu Youth Development Association. They have already started to contribute cash for opening a Bank account and will then be investing in small capital grants to each member by rotation.

Hence Kigoma youth needs more support so that they can overcome their life challenges.