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Radio And Communication Projects

Radio and Communication Projects


Despite efforts which have been taken by government and other Development implementing partners, towards promoting peace and security, conflict management and reconciliation, environmental protection, health, refugee crisis, education and culture, Kasulu is still facing problems resulting from ignorance, altitudes, poverty, lack of care to children and elderly people plus refugees challenges issues.

All these factors and situations are obstacle in achieving not only self reliance, economy growth in general but also realization of sustainable development goals

After our observations shows that Kigoma community has a high demand of having Kigoma region Based media, it is our hope that by the end of the year 2018, the Organization for Human Investment and Development (OHIDE) shall have launched fully operational Radio Station under the name of Kasulu Community Radio in underserved communities in Kigoma and neighbor areas, this ambition will only happen after being commissioned a license from authority –TCRA.

The Kasulu Community Radio expecting to provide to its listeners and the all community of Kigoma at large, the educational and skills that can lead them to the development opportunities, ignorance and poverty eradication.

Due to the fact that the Kigoma community has lack of adequate and balanced information through Radio broadcasting, leading to the lack of better life, un utilization employment opportunities among youth and women, existence of hostilities and violence due to refugees and human rights violation, early marriages and early pregnancies, lack of entrepreneurship skills, lack of political tolerance, un-utilization of the available economic resources in the Region and the like.

All those situations encourage the Organization for Human Investment and Development (OHIDE) to use the available opportunity and resources to intervene the agreed reality by establish the new Radio station by the name of Kasulu Community Radio FM which ought to serve as bridge between Local community and their Government and other Community Services institutions in the area, either the Radio will provide the solution to the underlined situation or problems on the said Community, the community that left there to stay.  Without this action, the community in target will never enjoy their sovereignty and be able to contribute and comply with the National and international development goals and its strategies.

Organization for Human Investment and Development (OHIDE) will fund the Kasulu Community Radio through the generous sponsorship of the members, local government, and other Development partners.


Despite the fact that (OHIDE) has successfully decided to launch and implement the Kasulu Community Radio, there are some challenges thought to face the program in the future but will not hinder the sustainability and development of the project since the organization will then overcome community communication challenges. These include the need for further funding, particularly in the maintaining of the Radio Station in terms of  equipment, facility requirements, staff  training and educational needs, to name a few.


Developed community through positive information sharing


  • To Invite and collaborate with skilled volunteers and talented journalists and presenters
  • To use modern methods and Digital equipments for quality radio programs
  • To produce developmental researched and balanced news and programs


The general objective of Kasulu Community Radio is the provision of information and education for the community relating to social, agriculture, environment, health, politics, business, entertainment and cultural issues as follows:-

  1. To give a voice to community members by offering them a platform to speak-out their needs, concerns and ideas regarding developmental issues.
  2. To empower the community, particularly women, youths widows orphans, and the marginalized groups, to take part in local self governance and overall socio economic and cultural development of the area
  3. Promoting awareness of the stations existence & services with businesses, community groups and the listening public in general and undertaking announcer training & program co-ordination
  4. Increasing common understanding of the communities on the usage of local, national and international economic opportunities for life and positive changes of the society.
  5. Support Refugee information sharing, reconciliation and cohesion
  6. Working parallel with the Tanzania Development strategies like MKUKUTA, MKURABITA, TASAF and Global development goals, through information sharing and promoting community participation in the building of their Nation.
  7. Conducting several researches on community needs and their expectations.
  8. Producing participatory programs in helping community to persuade against ignorance and poverty.
  9. Producing programs for combating harmful traditions like early marriage, girls under age pregnancies, drug abuse and the like.
  • Promoting community accountability and good governance in and out of governmental systems which will start in level of family to the level of non-governmental organization and local government.
  • Enforcing formal and informal Education for the society development.
  • Sensitizing the community on environmental protection
  • Protecting women and children by promoting the availability of all essential needs to women and children and fighting against mortality and death of pregnant woman
  • Producing news and radio programs that will promote self-employment and industrialization in Kigoma Region where agriculture and cattle’s can produce raw material for small and medium industry.


The selected location for Kasulu Community Radio is at Kasulu district,  and the on air studio will be at Mwilamvya Area plot No. 343/345Block T, while the transmission will be done at Sunzu hills popular known as  Muhunga road area in Kasulu Town Council.



  1. Collecting comments and Opinion signatures of citizens about the need to have a Radio for Kasulu, Approximately 200 people signed on the radio support idea form
  2. Registering Name of Kasulu Community Radio FM, We received a certificate from BRELA Writing a project Proposal for finding from Donors
  3. Filling the form FSA and CS forms have been taken from the Tanzania communications authority
  4. Writing Feasibility studies (A license proposal to TCRA , we are waiting for tender announcement
  5. Identifying institutions for requesting a letter of warranty to TCRA



  1. Filling CS and FSA form 300,000
  2. Writing Projections calculations for project Tsh. 450,000
  3. Pay for a license application fee Tsh 2,300,000
  4. Travel allowances Tsh 800,000
  5. Statistical and typography Tsh 200,000
  6. Cost of Radio Equipments TSh 70,000,000 million
  7. Studio and office Construction costs Tsh. 18,000,000
  8. Cost of construction of Studio Tsh. 4,000,000
  9. Cost of Office furniture and studio Tsh. 16,000,000 million
  • Management and monitoring Tsh. 5,000,000


  1. Members
    a. Kasulu District Council
    b. Kasulu Town Council
    c. CRN
    d. TADIO
    e. UN Joint Program
    f. BEST -Dialogue
    g. Media Development Investment Fund
    h. Tanzania Media Foundation
    i. International media foundation